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Individuals Arrested For Drug Trafficking Face Harsh Penalties

In recent years, the federal government and several state governments appear to be rethinking their strategy when it comes to the long-ago declared war on drugs. At both the federal and, in many cases, state level steps have been taken to reduce mandatory minimum prison sentences for nonviolent drug offenders. Additionally, according to procon.org, 23 states have passed laws legalizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

Still, for many drug-related crimes, prison sentences and penalties remain considerably lengthy and costly. For those arrested and charged with drug trafficking and/or distribution, a conviction could result in an individual serving years in prison, paying hundreds or thousands of dollars in fines and spending years on probation.

An individual may face drug trafficking charges if he or she is found or believed to be involved in the activities of importing, transporting or selling illegal drugs. Unlike drug possession charges which, depending on the type and quantity of drugs, can be charged as a misdemeanor; drug trafficking is a felony.

Felony charges are reserved for the most serious types of criminal activities and therefore carry stiffer penalties. Additionally, the penalties associated with a felony drug trafficking charge may vary depending on the type and quantity of drugs as well as whether the alleged offenses occurred in multiple states or internationally.

Michigan residents who face drug trafficking charges would be wise to take such charges seriously and secure legal representation. With an individual's freedom and future are on the line, a criminal defense attorney will work aggressively to refute claims and evidence and seek to have criminal charges dismissed or reduced.

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