Weapons Crimes: 2 Teenagers Charged After Drive-by Shooting

When teenagers in Michigan imbibe, things can sometimes get out of hand at the slightest provocation. Two 18-year-old boys were recently arrested for weapons crimes after they got involved in an argument at a party. It is alleged that the two were part of a larger group left the party and went back later to fire some gunshots at the house where the party was still taking place.

According to the police report, one member of the group of youngsters was knocked out during an argument. His friends took him back to the house of one of the accused teenagers. The punched boy reportedly suggested reprisal, and the boy at whose house they were allegedly grabbed a firearm that apparently belonged to his father. He and another teen, who reportedly claimed to have been sober enough to drive, went back to the location of the party.

The teenager reported that, as they were driving past the house, he put his arm out the rolled-down window and fired four shots at the house. He contended that he aimed high as he did not intend to cause injury to anybody. The two teens said they sped away from the house after the gunshots were fired. They were arrested on serious felonies, including the discharge of a firearm at a building from a moving vehicle and carrying a concealed weapon. At an arraignment in the Bay County District Court, both accused boys were released on personal recognizance bonds.

When teenagers in Michigan are charged with weapons crimes, they may compromise their cases by submitting to interviews and interrogations by police. Anything that is said at these times may be offered as evidence against them in any legal proceedings that follow. To prevent jeopardizing the chances of a successful defense, retaining the services of a defense attorney experienced in handling charges involving weapons crimes is typically the first step to take. A lawyer can provide legal counsel and strive to protect the rights of an accused individual while seeking to achieve an outcome that is in the best interest of the client.

Source:, "2 Saginaw teens facing felony charges in Bay City drive-by shooting", Cole Waterman, Oct. 5, 2015

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