Disputes Over Rented Commercial Properties

The relationship between a commercial tenant and the owner of the rented commercial property can sometimes get rocky. Major disputes can arise in relation to a rented commercial property. Such a battle has come up in Battle Creek.

The dispute involves a brewery and the company that owns the property the brewery resides in. Both sides have leveled allegations at each other, with the property owner alleging things like the brewery failing to pay rent for an extended period of time and the brewery's owner alleging things like the property owner failing to properly reimburse him for property repairs.

The parties are also in disagreement over aspects of the lease agreement, such as whether the lease is still active or has been terminated.

As this underscores, lease disagreements can be a significant contributor to disputes between commercial property owners and commercial renters. So, when forming a commercial lease agreement, it can be important for both the owner of a property and the prospective tenant to be very clear on the terms of the agreement and promptly address anything that is confusing about the agreement. Ironing out potential confusing points or potential points of disagreement early could help with preventing disputes from arising later on.

Disputes regarding a rented commercial property can have many effects. They can even have impacts on other things that are happening with the property.

The property at the center of the above-mentioned dispute in Battle Creek may soon change hands. The property owner is trying to sell it (the owner reportedly has a prospective buyer). One wonders what impacts the dispute will end up having on the sale of the property and what ends up happening between the brewery and the property's eventual buyer.

Given how many different things commercial property disputes can impact for a property owner or renter, when a property owner or renter is in this type of legal battle, obtaining solid legal advice can be important.

Source: WOODTV, "Arcadia Brewing in bitter battle with property owner," Leon Hendrix, March 23, 2016

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