Michigan Around The Middle In Best Business State Rankings

A recent report indicates that Michigan is around the middle of the pack when it comes to being a good place for businesses.

The report was from CNBC. In the report, 10 different categories were looked at to rank the states based on how good of a place they are for businesses. The ten categories were: access to capital, cost of living, business friendliness, education, technology and innovation, quality of life, economy, infrastructure, cost of doing business and workforce. Many different sources of data were used for looking into these 10 categories.

Michigan was given an overall rank of No. 22 in the report. This is a slight improvement over last year. That year, the state was ranked No. 26.

Which categories did Michigan do the best and worst in on the report? The three categories the state ranked best in were access to capital (ranked 4th), cost of living (ranked 7th) and technology and innovation (ranked 8th). The three categories the state did the worst in were quality of life (ranked 48th), business friendliness (ranked 36th) and economy (ranked 29th).

What are your thoughts on the report's findings regarding Michigan? Do you think Michigan, overall, is a good place for businesses? What do you think the state could do to be a better place for businesses?

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Source: Detroit Free Press, "Michigan is No. 22 on CNBC's list of top business states," Zlati Meyer, July 1, 2015

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