Weapons Crimes: Alleged Unarmed Robbery Leads To Several Charges

Three Michigan men were recently arrested in Dearborn, and they are now facing several criminal charges. Their arrests followed a report by a motorist who allegedly witnessed an unarmed robbery. A vehicle search after the arrest apparently revealed a loaded gun, and the charge for weapons crimes was added.

A police report notes that the victim of the alleged robbery claims to have been approached by two of the suspects. One of them apparently asked the victim to let him use his mobile phone. Upon refusal by the victim, he was allegedly attacked, and during the altercation, one man is said to have tried to choke him while the other one took his cellphone. Officers proceeded to the scene after receiving the report of the witness and located the two men who allegedly attacked the victim. With them were two more individuals who apparently met up with the original two immediately after the incident.

The men were reportedly in a vehicle, and while the arrest took place, officers claim to have found a handgun that was loaded, but the serial number had been removed. One man was reportedly identified as the person carrying the weapon, and he was accused of being a habitual offender as this was apparently his second offense. He is now facing charges for having a concealed weapon, along with the unarmed robbery. Two of the other suspects are facing charges of receiving stolen property.

Retaining the services of a Michigan criminal defense attorney with experience in handling charges involving robbery and weapons crimes may be beneficial for each accused man. Every detail of the evidence against each individual, and the legality of the arrest procedures will be scrutinized. An attorney will work to ensure that the rights of the client are protected throughout the criminal proceedings while fighting for a favorable result that is in the best interests of the client.

Source:, "Trio charged for assaulting, robbing man at Dearborn bus stop", Dave Herndon, July 4, 2015

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