Drivers Need To Exercise Care When Passing Motorcyclists

We are currently in the middle of a special month here in Michigan when it comes to motorcycles. Specifically, it is Michigan Motorcycle Safety Month. This awareness month campaign is aimed at helping increase awareness of motorcycle safety issues among both motorcyclists and motorists generally.

This can be a very important time of the year for drivers here in Michigan to pay special attention to motorcycle safety issues. With the weather getting warmer and summer just around the corner, motorcyclists often become a much more common sight on the state's roads this time of year than they are in winter.

There are many things it can be very important for drivers here in Michigan to do when it comes to protecting motorcyclist safety. Our post today will focus on one of these things: exercising care when passing a motorcycle.

Safe and careful passing of a motorcycle involves many things. One is making sure to not get too close to the motorcycle during the pass. A driver getting too close to a motorcycle when making a pass attempt could lead to a motorcycle accident occurring, such as through the driver's vehicle making contact with the motorcycle or the actions of the driver's vehicle causing the motorcycle to get blown out of control.

Another thing it can be important for drivers to do when attempting to pass a motorcycle is to make sure to not go at too fast of a speed during the pass. Being passed by a motor vehicle that is going at too high of a speed is another thing that could potentially cause a motorcycle to get blown out of control.

One hopes that Michigan drivers, this month and in all future months, will take great care to make sure to act safely and carefully when passing motorcycles and to take all other appropriate steps to prevent motorcycle accidents.

Source: Livingston Daily Press & Argus, "May is Michigan Motorcycle Safety Month," Mike Lammi, May 13, 2015

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