The Importance Of Motorcycle Accident Prevention

Last weekend served as a sad reminder of the major toll motorcycle accidents can take. Over that weekend, multiple motorcyclist fatalities occurred here in Michigan. One hopes this isn't a sign of things to come as we are entering the months where Michigan's weather is more motorcyclist-friendly.

The fact that motorcycle accidents have the potential to take the lives of motorcyclists is one of the big reasons why motorcycle accident prevention is such an important thing.

Now, motorcycle accident prevention is not just a matter for motorcyclists. Drivers of other vehicles are a very important piece of the motorcycle accident prevention puzzle. One reason for this is that how drivers act can have very significant safety impacts for motorcyclists.

Among the things drivers can do to help protect motorcyclists out on the roads are:

  • Avoid distractions when driving.
  • Exercise appropriate care when passing motorcyclists.
  • Act safely when making lane changes. This includes using one's turn signal, properly checking blind spots and carefully watching for other vehicles (including smaller vehicles like motorcycles) when performing a lane change.
  • Give motorcyclists who are around them sufficient space (this includes avoiding tailgating).

One hopes all Michigan driver will take proper motorcycle accident prevention measures when it comes to their driving.

When a driver fails to give proper regard to the safety of others out on the roads and engages in careless conduct that causes a motorcycle accident, accident victims may be able to take civil legal actions against the driver aimed at holding them accountable for the consequences of the accident. Motorcycle accident attorneys can go over possible legal options with motorcyclists injured in accidents or families of motorcyclists killed in collisions.

Source: WWMT, "MSP: Be aware of motorcycles on the roads," Jessica Harthorn, April 17, 2016

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