Inmate Implicates Food Worker In Orchestrating Violent Crimes

Residents of Michigan who face felony charges related to violent crimes may want to do whatever it takes to avoid convictions. Such a conviction and subsequent jail time will likely haunt the individual forever, as violent crimes will show on criminal records that are available to potential employers. Consequently, his or her reputation in the community may be forever tainted.

A 27-year-old Michigan man's life has already been negatively affected, even though he has not had the opportunity to defend himself. This supervisor, who was employed by a food service company that has contracts with correctional facilities, was dismissed from his position immediately after he was accused of a felony. It is alleged that he attempted to convince an inmate to arrange an assault of an inmate at a different facility.

The person responsible for implicating the food service worker is a prisoner. He alleged that he was offered tobacco products as payment for orchestrating the assault of a person serving jail time for the murder of one of the accused man's relatives. The resulting criminal charge is one for solicitation to commit assault with intent to cause great bodily harm. A conviction could result in up to a 5-year prison sentence.

To protect the rights of a Michigan resident accused of committing violent crimes, the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney may be crucial. Each criminal case is unique, and an attorney can explain the available options and guide the client through each stage of the court proceedings. In this case, the accused man's attorney has already challenged the credibility of the prisoner who made the complaint and has indicated that a strong defense will be forthcoming.

Source:, "Michigan prison food worker accused of soliciting assault", May 21, 2015

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