Drug Charges: Mother Allegedly Concealed Drugs Behind Stamps

Drug laws in Michigan are tough, and any person who faces drug-related charges may have to deal with harsh consequences if convicted. A 42-year-old mother was recently accused of trying to smuggle drugs into a correctional facility. She is now facing four felony drug charges.

According to authorities, the drugs that were apparently intended for the woman's son never reached the recipient. The mother is said to have concealed drugs behind postage stamps on three items of mail that she tried to smuggle to her 25-year-old son. It is reported that her son is incarcerated on conspiracy to deliver drugs charges. The drug that was found behind the stamps was identified as Suboxone, a substance that helps to minimize cravings for other drugs, such as painkillers or heroin.

The son has reportedly been transferred to another prison in Michigan. The accused woman is awaiting a court hearing that is scheduled for Nov. 10, at which time she will be facing charges including conspiracy to send a controlled substance. Reportedly, she has requested that the court appoint an attorney to represent her.

With the pending felony drug charges, this Michigan mother may be facing community service, hefty fines, probation and/or jail time if she is convicted. However, with the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney, the damage might be minimized or avoided altogether. A lawyer will guide her through the legal process and advocate on her behalf to protect her rights while seeking a resolution that is in her best interests.

Source:, "Woman caught smuggling drugs on stamps to son in prison", Oct. 28, 2015

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