Mother May Face Felony Drunk Driving Charge After Third Offense

Under Michigan law, a person's first two DUI convictions are typically misdemeanors. However, if an individual is charged with a third drunk driving offense, it will be a felony charge. After an incident on Nov. 2, a 33-year-old mother may have to face such a felony charge.

In the early afternoon of a recent Tuesday, a police officer took note of an alert to be on the lookout for a disabled vehicle in Milford. According to a police report, the driver failed to navigate through a construction zone and struck several construction cones that lodged underneath her car and prevented further driving. When the officer arrived at the scene, the driver was reportedly still in the vehicle, along with a toddler. Both mother and child showed no signs of being injured.

The officer reported that the driver seemed intoxicated, and she was not in possession of a driver's license but presented her Michigan ID card. The officer found no alcohol inside the car, but he asked her to perform a sobriety test, which the driver allegedly performed unsatisfactorily. She reportedly refused to undergo a breath test, and a warrant to obtain a blood sample was executed after she was taken to a police station.

Reportedly, formal charges have not yet been filed, but they may follow depending on the results of the toxicology tests. This Michigan mother who is suspected of drunk driving may want to retain the services of an experienced DUI defense attorney. A lawyer can be proactive and examine the circumstances in preparation for any charges that may be filed against the client when the results of the blood tests become available. With the client's best interests in mind, an attorney can provide experienced guidance and devise a defense strategy that will best suit the circumstances.

Source:, "Allegedly drunken mom's car disabled by construction cones", Laura Colvin, Nov. 10, 2015

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