Drunk Driving: Teenager Arrested While Parents Out Of Town

The legal blood alcohol level for Michigan drivers is .08 percent. However, the state's zero tolerance policy for underage drivers can mean severe consequences for young drivers who decide to drive after consuming alcohol. It is not uncommon for teenagers to underestimate the effect of a few alcoholic beverages. An 18-year-old teenager was recently arrested, and he is now facing drunk driving charges.

Police say that a 911 report was recently received in the early morning hours concerning a vehicle with a sleeping driver in an intersection. Officers were dispatched proceeded to the scene and found a car with its engine running and a passed out driver behind the wheel. The young man was awakened, and police placed the car in park and removed the ignition key.

The man reportedly had a bloody nose, was covered in vomit and provided irrational answers to officers' questions. Reportedly, he did indicate that his parents were away and confirmed that he drank a lot. Officers did a preliminary Breathalyzer test that apparently showed a blood alcohol level of .173. The driver was arrested, and he is now facing charges for operating a vehicle while intoxicated and underage.

This driver faces potentially significant consequences and may benefit from a consultation with an experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney. A lawyer will assess the circumstances of the arrest for drunk driving and provide guidance and support throughout the coming court proceedings. A key focus of any criminal proceeding is protecting the rights of the accused while pursuing a favorable result that is consistent with the best interests of the client.

Source:, "Police: Drunken Milford teen passed out with car in gear", Laura Colvin, Aug. 12, 2015

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