Pharmacist Sentenced To 10 Years For White Collar Crimes

A Michigan pharmacist was recently sentenced by a federal judge to incarceration of 10 years. He faced white collar crimes in which more employees and officials were charged. In November 2010, offices of the company, including the headquarters, were raided by federal investigators. Following the raid, 17 employees of the pharmacy and some officials were indicted.

Court documents showed that the 56-year-old CEO of the pharmacy, the former head pharmacist and the company's former sales director plotted a scheme to return medications that were previously supplied to adult foster care homes and nursing homes. These drugs were then put back into stock and re-dispensed to customers. The CEO was found guilty of being part of a health care fraud conspiracy.

Upon release after his prison term, the pharmacist will reportedly have to serve an additional three years under supervision. Furthermore, an amount of $8 million has to be paid in restitution. The judge apparently stated that this case was an example of fraud committed from the top through to pharmacy employees.

When professional people in Michigan are charged with white collar crimes, their concern will likely not only include the best manner in which to address the criminal charges, but also how to preserve their careers and professional licenses. Their abilities to continue providing for their families will likely be at stake. Any individual facing such a criminal charge may benefit from an experienced white collar crime defense attorney to fight the criminal charges while also doing whatever is possible to preserve the accused person's integrity and future.

Source:, "Kentwood Pharmacy CEO sentenced to 10 years in prison", Aug. 27, 2015

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