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The term white collar crime refers to a variety of illegal actions that are carried out in the hope of reaping financial gains. Many people equate the expression "white collar crime" with big money and corporate crime. But ordinary people find themselves facing white collar crime charges every day, especially now that use of the computers and the Internet is widespread. Sometimes, people think they can get away with things, especially when it doesn't feel like they are hurting anyone because they're not dealing with them face to face. Then, all of a sudden, the police are at their door. They seize the computer, bank accounts and the car, and these people are on their way to state or federal prison.

At Willis Law, we are dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals facing criminal charges in Michigan. If you need a skilled and hardworking defense lawyer to stand by your side and fight for you, please contact us today for a free consultation. From our law offices in Kalamazoo, Paw Paw and Grand Rapids, we defend clients facing white collar crime and other serious criminal charges throughout West Michigan.

Embezzlement Charges & Penalties in MI

Embezzlement is taking money or property or using services for your own benefit after they have been entrusted to your care. It can range from taking money from a register to complex schemes of financial fraud.

Embezzlement charges go beyond your criminal case. Your professional reputation, even professional licensure and livelihood, could be at risk. You should have a white collar crimes attorney on your side who knows how to mount a successful defense against embezzlement charges guiding you throughout your case. Failure to do so could have drastic consequences on current and future employment opportunities and your ability to provide for yourself and your family.

Harsh Penalties for White Collar Criminal Convictions in Michigan

In reality, criminal charges related to illegal activities like tax evasion, money laundering, and identity theft often involve individuals who didn't know they were breaking the law, failed to realize the seriousness of their actions, or played a minor role in a bigger scheme or operation.

A loathing of paying taxes is about as American as apple pie. Americans work hard for their money and no one wants to part with what often amounts to a sizeable percentage of their annual income. Consequently, some individual taxpayers may take matters into their own hands and fail to file a tax return or file a fraudulent tax return. In some cases, an individual may simply be following financial advice provided by an accountant or tax professional. Whatever the case may be, the Internal Revenue Service does not look kindly upon individuals who fail to pay taxes and may pursue criminal charges.

Be it gossip or some other tip to make our lives easier, we all love to get an inside scoop. This is often especially the case if that tip can save or make us money. When it comes to acts related to securities fraud, providing or acting on a financial tip could potentially land one behind bars. Additionally, investor fraud occurs when a business representative knowingly makes false statements with regard to the financial value or health of a company in an attempt to reap financial rewards.

Individuals who are facing criminal charges related to tax evasion or securities fraud would be wise to take such charges seriously. White collar crimes are often treated as felonies and therefore the penalties are harsh and may include time in prison, lengthy probation, and hefty fines and penalties. A criminal defense attorney can answer questions, provide advice, and help defend against criminal charges related to financial crimes.

Our Kalamazoo & Grand Rapids white collar crime lawyers understand that people often intend to repay the money they take. Desperate times often lead to people taking desperate measures. Many of our clients fall into this category — honest, hardworking people who have fallen into difficult times.

White Collar Criminal Defense Services

Some of the white collar crime charges we handle involve:

  • Forgery
  • Mail fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Internet crimes, including Internet fraud
  • Federal charges, including postal service fraud
  • Crimes involving electronic transfers
  • Computer crime
  • Money laundering
  • Insurance fraud
  • Racketeering

The consequences of criminal charges are serious. With a felony conviction, you can lose your right to vote, your reputation and your eligibility for future employment. Taking money that is fraudulently attained and switching it from one account to another is considered money laundering — a felony offense.

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Know your rights! Protect your record and your reputation. Contact our Kalamazoo white collar crime attorneys from Willis Law today by phone at (888) 461-7744 or email for a free consultation.

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