False Assumptions About The Cloud Can Cause Businesses Trouble

In today's world, there are a variety of different data storage options available to businesses. One is storing data on the cloud through a cloud storage service. Decisions regarding whether to store data on the cloud and what cloud storage service to use can be very impactful for a business. For one, making good choices when it comes to data storage can be a big part of avoiding data problems that could lead to business operation problems or litigation. Thus, it is important to not be basing data storage decisions on false assumptions.

Here are some key assumptions for businesses to avoid when it comes to the cloud:

  • Assuming cloud storage is infallible: It is possible for failures to occur with cloud storage, such as a data loss or an outage which causes loss of access to data for a time. Failing to take the possibility of such a failure into account could cause a company that has decided to use the cloud to store its data to not take appropriate data backup steps.
  • Assuming encryption works the same for all cloud-based storage services: Different cloud-based data storage services have different practices when it comes to data encryption. These practices can vary greatly in their secureness. Thus, it can be important for businesses to carefully look at encryption practices when picking what cloud storage service to use.
  • Blindly assuming that setting up their own in-house data storage system would be more secure than using the cloud: Whether this would actually be the case in large part depends on how much in resources a business could put towards securing an in-house system. Thus, a business could easily be in situation in which a cloud-based service could provide them with much more data security than they could manage on their own. Thus, carefully looking into what level of data security would actually be achieved can be very important for a business when weighing data storage options.

Just as decisions made regarding data storage options can be impactful on a business, so too can decisions made when facing litigation in relation to data storage problems, such as a data breach. Thus, this is another situation in which avoiding false assumptions is vital for a business. Having the guidance of skilled business law attorney can help a business have the right information when navigating such a dispute.

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