Designated Drivers Can Help Keep Summer Safe

Summertime can be full of fun festivities here in Michigan. Keeping this summer fun safe for everyone is of the utmost importance. So, it is vital for all individuals here in Michigan, when participating in summer festivities, to be sure to not engage in any conduct that could hurt themselves or others.

Special safety concerns can arise when a summer festivity involves alcohol. Among these concerns are concerns about the potential for drunk driving. So, when a person is making their summer festivity plans, among the plans they may want to consider making is securing a designated driver for festivities where they plan to consume alcohol.

The simple step of having a designated driver can help avert potential tragedies. Unfortunately, there are drivers here in Michigan that fail to engage in this step or other drunk driving prevention steps, putting themselves and others in danger. In recent times, Michigan has seen increases in drunk driving accident deaths. Also, drunk driving accident deaths tend to see an uptick during the summer.

Promoting the use of designated drivers is among the things a drunk driving prevention campaign that is being done by state law enforcement here in Michigan involves. Among the other things the campaign will include is a drunk driving crackdown over the summer.

One hopes that all individuals here in Michigan will take measures, including using a designated driver or other alternate transportation method when planning on drinking at a summer event, to help make this summer as safe as possible in the state.

Whether it be summer or any other time of the year, drunk driving can cause all manner of harm. Individuals injured by drunk drivers can seek help from skilled personal injury lawyers in the fight to be fairly and justly compensated for harm they were subjected to.

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