Cellphone-Related Auto Crashes Up In Michigan?

Distracted driving accidents can come about in many ways, as the potential distractions out there for drivers are numerous. One distraction that is a common one in such crashes in today’s world is cellphone use. And sadly, it appears that cellphone-related auto crashes are becoming increasingly common here in Michigan.

According to the Michigan State Police, since last summer, there has been an almost 40 percent rise in cellphone usage in motor vehicle accidents in the state. One of the troubling questions this raises is if cellphone-related distracted driving is becoming more prevalent in the state. Such a rise is also troubling given the great (and sometimes fatal) harm that can come out of cellphone-related traffic accidents.

Why do you think this increase in traffic-accident-contributing cellphone usage is occurring in Michigan?

Reportedly, cellphones and cellphone-related data are things that are fairly common focuses of police investigations of auto accidents in the state these days. Now, cellphone-related evidence can not only play a big role in police efforts to determine what the cause of an accident was. It can also play a big role in traffic-accident-related personal injury cases in which the victim is alleging that distracted driving by another driver was behind their injuries.

The collecting and analysis of cellphone-related evidence in relation to personal injury claims can have unique issues and complexities connected to it. Skilled car accident attorneys can provide evidence-related assistance to distracted driving crash victims, including help with issues related to evidence regarding driver cellphone use.

Source: WWMT, “Michigan State Police seeing increase in cell phone distracted driving accidents,” Jessica Harthorn, July 31, 2016

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