Lawsuit Filed In The Wake Of Deadly Truck And Bus Crash

For all the progress we have made in automotive safety over the decades, there are still far too many deadly accidents on the nation’s roads and highways. Among the most recent and devastating was the fiery crash between a FedEx semi-truck and a tour bus in northern California earlier this month.

The bus was carrying high school students on a college campus tour when it was struck head-on by a FedEx truck that had veered across the median. The truck accident killed 10 people including both drivers, five students and three adult chaperones. Other bus passengers were able to escape alive but injured.

There are still many unanswered questions about what may have the caused the accident, including whether truck driver negligence may have been a factor. But at least one grieving parent is ready to take legal action after losing her 17-year-old daughter in the fiery crash. The mother of one of the five student victims recently filed a $100 million lawsuit against FedEx as well as the owner of the tour bus company.

In her lawsuit, the woman alleges that FedEx trucks have a history of catching on fire. Additionally, the suit claims, the bus lacked adequate emergency exit doors that would have facilitated a quicker escape.

In the wake of such a devastating crash with a high number of deaths and injuries, legal action is both expected and understandable. As the accident is further investigated and more details emerge, this and other lawsuits may change in response. Hopefully, victims and their families will be adequately compensated and will be able to find some closure.

Source: ABC News, "FedEx Sued Over Deadly California Bus Crash," April 23, 2014

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