General Motors Issues Even More Vehicle Recalls

In a recent post, we wrote about the General Motors recall scandal involving an apparent defect with its ignition switches. Although that investigation is still in progress, it seems that GM is now revealing a host of other problems with its other vehicles.

Last week, the auto giant issued five different recalls that will ultimately affect about 2.7 million vehicles. The vast majority of vehicles – about 2.44 million – are being recalled due to a problem with the brake lamp’s wiring harness. Although no deaths have reportedly been associated with the defect, GM says it is aware of 13 car accidents and two injuries.

The wiring harness can apparently corrode over time and cause issues with a vehicle’s brake lights. When this occurs, they would sometimes be activated when no braking was occurring and vice versa. Other systems could also be negatively affected by the defect, including cruise control, panic braking assist, traction control and electronic stability control.

Each of the remaining recalls affects between hundreds of vehicles and hundreds of thousands of vehicles. The defects range from relatively minor issues like windshield wiper problems to more serious ones like steering issues. In one of the recalls affecting less than 500 vehicles, GM has said that the potential steering issues are so dangerous that car owners should not drive the vehicle until it is fixed. This includes driving it to the dealership or repair shop.

In one sense, it seems somewhat admirable on the part of General Motors to issue five recalls at once. It shows that they are at least trying to be transparent. But given the company’s ignition-switch scandal and its potential legal ramifications, this may just be an attempt to limit the company’s liability as much as possible for any and all defects. In either case, GM owners are at least being warned about serious defects before they lead to preventable crashes.

Source: Yahoo Autos, "Huge GM Recall: Chevrolet Corvette, Malibu, Silverado, Tahoe, Cadillac CTS, GMC Sierra, More," Richard Read, May 15, 2014

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