Aggressive Legal Advocates For Individuals Charged With Misdemeanors And Felonies

There's a saying related to the concept that bad things happen to good people. At the Aggressive Criminal Law Firm, we firmly believe this saying to be true and work to refute evidence and defend the rights of individuals who face misdemeanor or felony criminal charges.

A criminal conviction can adversely impact an individual’s life in numerous ways. Relationships with loved ones may become strained, an individual may lose his or her job or have difficulty securing employment and an individual may face hefty fines as well as time in jail, prison, or on probation. What's more, regardless of the circumstances, a criminal conviction acts as a sort of scarlet letter and an individual with a prior conviction may be unfairly labeled as a criminal.

Some criminal charges such as those related to assault with a dangerous weapon are especially serious and considered felonies. Residents who live in the Kalamazoo area who are facing any type of felony criminal charge would be wise to take such charges extremely seriously and retain an attorney from the Aggressive Criminal Law Firm.

In cases involving felony assault with a dangerous weapon charge, our criminal attorneys will sit down with a client to understand the circumstances that lead to an individual's arrest. Most people wrongly believe that charges related to assault with a dangerous weapon mean that an individual caused another individual physical harm and that some sort of traditional weapons like a gun or knife was involved. In reality, these very serious criminal charges may result even if no one is physically harmed. Additionally, such charges may arise if an individual was simply holding something that could potentially be considered a weapon like a bottle or a golf club.

Our name says it all. At the Aggressive Criminal Defense Law Firm, our criminal defense attorneys work tirelessly to defend the rights of individuals facing criminal charges.

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