Couple Faces Drug Charges More Than A Year After House Search

In March 2014, the Michigan State Police executed a warrant to search the home of the owners of a building supply company in Garfield Township. This followed a complaint that was filed against the couple. During the search, troopers allegedly found eight marijuana plants in pots in the dining room. A shed, adjacent to the house, was also searched, and documents show that although no marijuana plants were found, troopers identified an apparatus that is commonly used for the growing of marijuana. No arrest on drug charges was made at the time.

As the search proceeded, troopers claim to have found two semiautomatic pistols on the premises -- one in the house and one in a vehicle. It was established that the couple was licensed to own concealed weapons. After being read their rights, the husband apparently declined to answer questions by the police, but his wife reportedly agreed to an interview.

Police reports show that she denied involvement in growing marijuana and claimed to have communicated her disapproval to her husband. In July of this year -- 16 months after their house was searched -- warrants for the couple's arrest were issued. They are each now facing a charge of marijuana manufacturing or delivery, along with a felony firearm charge.

After appearing for arraignment in a district court, the husband and wife are free on personal recognizance bonds, awaiting a preliminary examination by a district judge. Drug charges are serious, and this Michigan couple may benefit from consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney who applies his or her knowledge and skills to defending drug charges. Each charge will be examined, and the procedures followed by troopers during the arrest and investigation will be scrutinized. No convictions can take place prior to the prosecution proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt on all charges.

Source:, "Bay County couple charged with marijuana, gun felonies 16 months after police raid", Cole Waterman, July 22, 2015

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