Insignificant Disputes Sometime Lead To Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is not tolerated in Michigan. When one person uses abusive behavior to control or dominate another in a domestic relationship, charges of domestic violence may follow. Domestic relationships include spouses, former spouses, couples who have children together and couples in dating relationships. Violence between residents or former residents of a household is also regarded as domestic violence.

Domestic abuse includes not only physical violence, but also emotional, sexual, economical and psychological abuse. Some actions that may be seen as abusive behavior include shoving, pushing, slapping, stalking and forced sex. If one person denies another access to credit cards and bank accounts, abuse may be alleged, and preventing another from making telephone calls such as to 911 is also unlawful.

In some cases, an insignificant disagreement can escalate into aggression and violence in a matter of minutes. When arguments spiral out of control, a spouse or other member of a household can be moved to say or do things that were not intended. However, once domestic violence charges are filed, it cannot be stopped -- even if the charges are withdrawn.

Residents of Michigan who are facing domestic violence charges may realize that convictions can have detrimental impacts on their lives. Having an experienced attorney on your side to explain your rights and protect your interests will be invaluable. The lawyers at The Aggressive Criminal Defense Law Firm have extensive experience in helping clients to overcome such situations. Whether you are a professional, a student, or a member of the military, our legal guidance and support is available to you.

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