Michigan Victim Of Domestic Violence Succumbs To Her Injuries

Many incidents of domestic violence arise from insignificant differences that escalate into arguments and then spiral out of control. However, regardless of whether the violence was unintentional or not, the legal complications can be severe if an accused person is convicted. A Michigan man from Battle Creek was recently arrested on charges of domestic violence that ultimately led to his wife's death.

According to a Battle Creek police report, the man brought his severely beaten wife to the hospital after allegedly making her promise to say her injuries were the result of an assault by a group of women. Police said she waited for her husband to leave before admitting that he was her attacker. This led to his arrest on several charges, including aggravated assault.

However, these charges may be elevated to homicide charges after the woman reportedly died of her injuries three days after the assault. Police also said that this was not the first domestic violence incident in which the husband was involved. They said that being a repeat offender may further lead to more serious charges.

This Michigan man will likely benefit from getting an experienced criminal defense attorney on his side. Although any accused person remains innocent until proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, these are serious charges and the complicated process of defending enhanced domestic violence charges will not be easy. After assessing the circumstances that led to the alleged assault, a lawyer can work on building a defense that may lead to the best possible outcome.

Source:, "Battle Creek domestic violence victim dies in hospital", Carl Gustin, Dec. 8, 2015

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