The Vast Majority Of Drug Crimes Are Non-Violent In Nature

According to the Sentencing Project, as of 2011, more than 500,000 people who were serving time in a U.S. jail or prison were convicted on drug-related offenses. In the vast majority of these cases, there was no high-level drug operators involved and no violent acts committed. Drug charges can stem from numerous types of scenarios from individuals who are struggling with addiction to those who are involved in a one-time deal or home-grown drug operations.

Whatever the circumstances, individuals who are facing drug charges including drug possession, trafficking and manufacturing would be wise to contact a criminal defense attorney. While Michigan took steps in 2003 to reform drug sentencing guidelines, individuals convicted of drug-related crimes still may face lengthy jail and prison sentences that takes them away from their loved ones and impedes their ability to obtain the help and counseling necessary to rebuild their lives.

For individuals in the Kalamazoo area who are facing drug charges related to possession or distribution of drugs like marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin; it’s critical to retain a criminal defense team that has successfully defended against similar criminal charges.

At the Aggressive Criminal Defense Law Firm, our name speaks volumes. Many of our defense attorneys are former prosecutors who understand the tactics and negotiation methods commonly employed by the other side. Contrary to what many believe, drug charges can be successfully defended and our attorneys have helped clients get drug charges dismissed or reduced.

The attorneys at the Aggressive Criminal Defense Law Firm are also skilled negotiators and, even in cases where a conviction is unavoidable, may be able to help an individual who is struggling with addiction obtain the help he or she needs.

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