Ex-Football Player Faces Domestic Violence Charges

Under Michigan laws, abusive behavior such as physical, emotional, sexual, economic or psychological abuse within a domestic relationship is regarded as domestic violence. Domestic relationships include spouses -- current and former -- dating relationships, two people with children in common, and residents of the same household, including former residents. Domestic violence charges are vigorously prosecuted in Michigan, and such charges can adversely impact the personal and professional life of an accused person.

A 23-year-old former football player for Central Michigan University was recently arrested, and he is now facing charges of domestic violence. Police say his girlfriend alleged he choked her. It is not uncommon for passionate arguments or misunderstandings between two people in a relationship to spiral out of control and turn violent. However, each party's rendition of the details of the incident must be heard and evaluated.

In this case, the girlfriend claims that the argument revolved around the football player's former girlfriend, and the man asserts that they argued about his drinking habits. Whatever circumstances led to the alleged abuse, criminal charges are serious and have to be resolved. The girlfriend alleges the man choked her twice after she slapped him. The man denies being slapped and maintains that he did not choke her.

Michigan residents who are accused of domestic violence may benefit from retaining the services of experienced attorneys who focus on protecting the rights of those facing domestic violence charges. Such professionals recognize the impact such charges can have on people's lives, including their freedom, the respect of their friends and family, and their employment prospects. A lawyer will defend their clients throughout the legal proceedings and help them to restore their dignity by putting this bad situation behind them.

Source:, "Ex-CMU football player charged with assaulting girlfriend", Lisa Yanick-Jonaitis, June 11, 2015

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