Michigan Considering Changing Minimum Wage Laws For Young Workers

Among the many different types of laws that businesses here in Michigan are subject to are laws regarding the wages they pay workers. One class of such laws are minimum wage laws. Currently, a bill is before the Michigan legislature which would make a couple of changes to the state's minimum wage laws.

The current minimum wage here in Michigan is $8.15 an hour. However, there are exceptions to this minimum wage. For example, there are some exceptions regarding younger workers.

For one, currently, Michigan employers are not required to pay workers that are under the age of 18 at or above the general state minimum wage, but are instead required to simple pay them at least whichever is the higher of the two between the federal minimum wage and 85 percent of the general state minimum wage. Currently, the federal minimum wage (which is at $7.25 an hour) is the higher of the two.

Also, the state has a special wage rule when it comes to the first 90 days an individual under the age of 20 works for an employer. Currently, during this period, employers are allowed to pay such workers a training wage instead of a standard wage. The minimum for this training wage is currently $4.25 an hour.

The bill which is being considered would make changes to these two minimum wage exceptions.

For one, it would increase the minimum for the training wage to $6.25 an hour.

Secondly, it would raise the age in which employers are allowed to pay a worker below the general state minimum wage (in non-training-wage situations) from under 18 to under 20.

What impacts do you think such changes, if passed, would have on Michigan businesses?

It is important for Michigan businesses that have employees to stay informed of the current state of minimum wage laws in the state and to make sure they are in compliance with such laws. A business could find itself facing legal action if it is accused of have violated state minimum wage laws.

Legal disputes regarding wages, such as disputes involving allegations of minimum wage violations, have the potential to be incredibly impactful on a business. Thus, when a business is accused of a minimum wage violation or some other type of wage-related violation, it may want to seek out guidance on how to handle the situation from an experienced business law attorney.

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