Why Do Many Drivers Not Restrain Their Pets In The Car?

Humans are not the only passengers drivers can have. Sometimes, motorists have pets as passengers. Whatever the length of a car trip a driver is taking their pet on, it is very important for the driver to take proper safety steps regarding their pet. One such step is properly restraining their pet in the vehicle. Unfortunately, a recent AAA survey indicates that many pet owners are neglecting to take this safety step when it comes to their pets.

Of the pet owners who were respondents to this survey, 37 percent said they never put their pet in a restraint system when their pet is a passenger of their car.

Why are many drivers not using such systems for their pets? Here are some of the reasons respondents to the survey gave for not restraining their pet in the car:

  • They want to let their pet sit in their lap in the car.
  • They don't want to keep their pet from putting its head out of the car window.
  • They think a restraint system makes their pet unhappy.
  • They don't think their pet needs a restraint system.
  • They think the car trips they take with their pet are so short a restraint system isn't necessary.

It is very discouraging that there are so many pet owners that do not restrain their pets when taking their pet on a car trip. One reason this trend is so troubling is that not having a pet properly restrained when it is a passenger of a car can pose many dangers.

For one it, could pose dangers to the pet. Not being restrained could leave a pet in a very vulnerable position if a car accident were to occur.

Also, it could pose dangers to the driver and human passengers of the vehicle. In the event of a car crash, an unrestrained pet could potentially become a projectile that could seriously harm a driver or vehicle passengers.

Finally, it could pose dangers to other motorists. An unrestrained pet could be a source of distraction for a driver. Being distracted by an unrestrained pet could make a driver more likely to hit other vehicles.

Do you think Michigan drivers are vigilant about restraining their pet passengers? How common do you think pet-related distracted driving is in the state? What do you think would help get more drivers to properly restrain their pet passengers?

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