White Collar Crimes: Michigan Professionals Face Fraud Charges

A recent report revealed that 16 people in Michigan are included in a group of 243 others that are facing charges of health care fraud nationwide. According to the U.S. Attorney General, the cases are not all connected but resulted from a sweep that was carried out around the country. Those facing these white collar crimes charges reportedly include pharmacy owners, doctors, and nurses.

The offenses are reportedly all related to billing fraud and allegedly involve as much as $712 million. Fraudulent actions included billing for equipment that was never supplied, care that was unnecessary, and services that were not provided. The Michigan cases are said to include one pharmacist, one social worker, two physical therapists, and six doctors who were involved in kickback schemes and health care fraud that totals in excess of $122 million.

It was also reported that search and seizure warrants executed at eight places led to the discovery of 24 alleged fraud-related bank accounts. Suspension notices have apparently been issued to 14 Medicaid and Medicare service providers after their involvement in the schemes came to light. The fraud charges against these professionals will likely go beyond their criminal cases as professional reputations and licenses may be jeopardized.

Challenging economic times may lead people to take desperate measures, regardless of how honest and hardworking they are. Retaining the services of experienced attorneys who focus on defending the rights of people who are charged with white collar crimes may be beneficial. A lawyer who understands white collar crimes will provide guidance throughout the legal proceedings and work on mounting a defense that may help the accused to avoid the serious consequences often associated with fraud convictions.

Source:, "16 charged in Detroit-area as part of national health care fraud sweep", June 18, 2015

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