Guardianship/Conservatorship Proceedings Requested By Glen Campbell's Children

Alzheimer's disease can impact its sufferers and their families quite deeply. There are many concerns a family member might have regarding a loved one who has Alzheimer's. This can include some legal concerns. Among the things Alzheimer's can do to a person is impair their decision-making capacity. If an Alzheimer's sufferer is experiencing this particular consequence of the disease, their family members may be concerned that the Alzheimer's sufferer's medical and financial best interests may be at risk. One thing family members who have such concerns sometimes do is pursue guardianship and conservatorship proceedings in relation to their loved one.

Recently, in another state (Tennessee), two children of a famous country singer made a request for such proceedings.

The country singer in question is Glen Campbell, who is 78. He has Alzheimer's and is currently in the disease's late stages. He currently resides at a long-term care facility.

Campbell's two oldest children say that decisions regarding Campbell's medical care and finances are currently being made by Campbell's wife and argue that this has turned out to not be for the best. Specifically, they allege that Campbell's wife has:

  • Potentially mishandled Campbell's finances.
  • Exposed Campbell to interviews/filming when it is no longer appropriate to do so.
  • Failed to visit Campbell regularly.
  • Failed to give Campbell needed clothing and toiletries.
  • Kept family members other than her from being a part of Campbell's care/treatment.
  • Cut Campbell off from other family members, such as through failing to put several of Campbell's eight children on Campbell's allowed visitors list at the care facility.

Based on these allegations, Campbell's two oldest children argue that Campbell's interests need protection and have filed a court petition requesting that a guardian and conservators be appointed for him. One wonders what will end up happening in this guardianship/conservatorship case.

While this case is from another state, concerns regarding the well-being of a relative with Alzheimer's are something many individuals here in Michigan can end up having. If a person believes that a loved one of theirs who has Alzheimer's or some other disease that can impact decision-making ability may need the protection of a guardian or a conservator, they may want to have an attorney look at the situation and provide advice on what course of action to take.

Source: Star Tribune, "2 of singer Glen Campbell's children fighting wife's control of medical, financial decisions," Travis Loller, March 4, 2015

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