Several MI Employers Make The 'America's Best Employers' List

One thing that many companies want when it comes to their employees is for their employees to view the company as a very good place to work. The results of a recent survey indicate that several organizations here in Michigan are held in rather high esteem as employers by employees.

The survey was done by Forbes and In the survey, thousands of workers who worked for organizations that employed 2,500 workers or more were surveyed. The surveyed employees' responses were used to determine which employers were the ones that the surveyed employees would be the most likely to recommend as a good place to work to other workers. From these survey results, a list was compiled of the 500 highest-rated companies. This list is called the "America's Best Employers" list.

Several Michigan-based employers made this list. Of the Michigan-based organizations that are on the list, three are based here in West Michigan. The highest rank a West-Michigan-based organization held on the list was No. 296.

How good of relationships and connections do you think businesses here in Michigan, in general, have with their employees. What do you think are some of the best ways for Michigan employers to build up strong regard with their employees? What do you think are some of the things that can most weaken an employer's likelihood of being able to build strong connections and relationships with their employees?

There are many things that could impact the quality of the connections and relationships between a business and its employees. One is how the business handles employment-related disputes that arise between it and an employee. What happens in such a dispute could not only potentially majorly impact how the employee the dispute is with views the business, but also how other employees of the business view the business. Thus, it can be important for businesses to exercise appropriate care when dealing with disputes with employees. Attorneys can assist businesses with addressing employment-related disputes.

Source: Grand Rapids Business Journal, "West Michigan companies rank among 'America's Best Employers'," Rachel Weick, April 24, 2015

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