Bringing New Technology Into A Business

One of the decisions a business can have is whether or not to bring new technologies into their operations. There are a variety of new technologies out there with business applications. New technologies can sometimes open up significant opportunities for businesses, such as opportunities for increased productivity or growth. However, bringing in new technologies can also be a challenging process for a business and can have risks connected to it. So, companies can vary in their willingness to embrace new technological developments.

How willing are Michigan companies to use new technologies in their operations? A recent survey indicates that many companies in the state have been willing to bring in new technologies.

The survey was of 233 Michigan company leaders. In the survey, the leaders were asked various questions about using new technologies in business. Around three-fourths of the respondents said that, within the past year, they had brought a new technology or business process into their company.

The survey also indicates many Michigan businesses are fairly optimistic about the effects of new technologies on business. When asked whether worker productivity would be improved by new technological innovations, around 60 percent of respondents said it would.

One wonders if the integration of new technologies by businesses will continue to be very common here in Michigan in upcoming years.

There are legal issues that can come up for businesses in connection to the integration of new technologies into their operations. One are contract issues. Many contracts can end up being a part of efforts to bring in new technology, including contacts for the purchase of new technological devices, service contracts (such as contracts for the maintenance of new technological devices) and contracts with outside organizations for providing workers with training on how to use the new technology.

Sometimes, after these contracts are formed, disputes come up in relation to them. How such a dispute goes could impact a business' ability to achieve the goals the integration of the new technology the contract regards was aimed at. Thus, when a contract dispute arises in connection to new technology a company has brought on, the company should consider having a discussion with a business law attorney about the dispute and what options they have for dealing with dispute.

Source: Crain's Detroit Business, "Michigan businesses open to 'Eureka' tech, but need more workforce training, report finds," Natalie Broda, Oct. 21, 2015

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