What Type Of Roads In Michigan See The Most Deadly Crashes?

There are many different types of roads here in Michigan: interstate highways, U.S. highways, state routes, county roads, local streets, etc. Each type of road has its own unique aspects and its own special traffic safety concerns related to it.

On what type of roads in the state do the most fatal motor vehicle accidents occur? Some might assume that the answer would be state/U.S. interstates, highways or routes, given the high traffic volume and high vehicle speeds often seen on such roads. However, such an assumption would be incorrect. According to traffic statistics, county roads and local streets actually see the most fatal crashes in the state.

In 2014, when it came to fatal auto accidents in Michigan:

  • Around 56 percent happened on county roads or local streets.
  • Around 21 percent happened on state routes.
  • Around 11 percent happened on interstate highways.
  • Around 9 percent happened on U.S. highways.

Why do you think local streets and county roads see such a high percentage of the state's deadly auto accidents? What do you think are the biggest safety issues on these types of roads and streets? What do you think are the best ways to address these safety issues?

As the above-mentioned statistics underscore, traffic fatalities can happen on all different types of roads. Whatever type of road a driver is on in the state, it is important for the driver to adjust their driving habits to take into account the specific traffic safety concerns/issues connected to that particular type of road. Through doing this and taking other safety steps, drivers can play an important role in the prevention of traffic fatalities.

Source: mlive, "What's the deadliest holiday? 11 facts about Michigan traffic fatalities," Julie Mack, August 31, 2015

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