Impaired Driving Crashes Have Higher Likelihood Of Being Deadly

Impaired driving, such as drunk driving or drugged driving, can not only increase the likelihood of auto crashes occurring, it can also increase the likelihood of fatalities out on the roads. This can be seen in some state statistics on impaired driving and car accidents here in Michigan.

The statistics regard 2014. The statistics indicate that, of all the motor vehicle crashes that occurred in the state that year, 3.5 percent involved impaired driving. Impaired driving made up a considerably higher proportion of the collisions that resulted in fatalities. Specially, impaired driving was involved in over a third (36 percent) of the state's fatal traffic accidents.

This disparity in proportions indicates that impaired driving accidents have a particularly high chance of leading to deaths.

Far too many families have had to face the tragic circumstance of a loved one dying out on the roads due to a driver having made the choice to get behind the wheel after drinking or taking drugs. As we start the new year, one hopes that all drivers in the state will commit themselves to only getting behind the wheel when sober.

After losing a loved one to an impaired driver, a family's thoughts understandably may be far away from legal matters. This is why families in such a situation may want the help of experienced fatal traffic accident attorney. Such attorneys can handle the legal matters related to fatal impaired driving accidents for families of victims and fight to preserve and assert important legal rights of such families to help prevent them from missing potentially helpful relief options.

Source: mlive, "73% of Michigan drunk drivers are men, and 5 more facts on DUI arrests, convictions," Julie Mack, Dec. 28, 2015

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