What Is The Deadline For Filing Federal Estate Tax Returns?

Following a person’s death, there are many things that have to be done regarding the deceased’s estate. Depending on the circumstances, these things might include filing and paying federal estate taxes.

As a note, the federal estate tax doesn’t apply to every estate here in America. Rather, federal estate taxes only need to be filed in relation to estates that have a value that is in excess of the federal exemption amount. This amount has shifted over time. Currently, it is at $5.45 million.

Now, if a given estate does trigger the federal estate tax, there is a deadline the personal representative of that estate is subject to when it comes to filing federal tax returns for the estate. This deadline is generally nine months from the day the deceased passed away.

Getting a filing extension for this deadline may be a possibility, though extensions can trigger their own set of issues and requirements.

Federal estate tax deadlines are not the only tax-related ones that a personal representative can encounter in relation to the administration of a deceased’s estate.

And taxes are just one of the important matters that can come before a personal representative as part of the estate administration process. The various other important issues can have their own particular deadlines associated with them. So, the number of deadlines a personal representative can face during the course of serving their duties can be quite large.

Missing a deadline they are subject to, such as the federal estate tax return filing deadline if it applies, can have massive implications for both a personal representative and the estate they are managing.

So, one of the things an individual who has been appointed the personal representative of the estate of a deceased love one might fear is a deadline escaping their notice. One thing that could help with addressing this fear is seeking out the assistance of an experienced estate administration lawyer. Such attorneys can help personal representatives with staying informed of the deadlines and requirements they are subject to and developing strategies for staying in compliance with such deadlines and rules.

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