Hiring Extra Workers For The Holiday Shopping Season

The holidays can bring about many things for a Michigan retail business. This includes increased workforce needs. Retailers can experience an influx of customers over the holiday shopping season. They may need more workers than they usually have to properly serve these customers and to be able to take full advantage of this influx.

So, one of the things preparing for the holiday season can involve for a retailer is making a bunch of seasonal hires. Making a big increase in workforce size for the holidays can carry many legal issues along with it. This includes issues related a business’ seasonal worker hiring practices, what sorts of workplace policies it has and what kinds of employment contracts it has for seasonal workers.

Sometimes, disputes come up in connection to these issues. What ultimately ends up happening with such disputes can impact a retail business’ ability to achieve its overall goals for the holiday shopping season. So, when any dispute arises in relation to its seasonal hiring for the holiday season, a retailer may want to promptly go to a skilled business lawyer for guidance on handling the dispute.

How much seasonal hiring will this year’s holiday season see in the retail sector here in Michigan?

It appears that it could be a similar amount to last year. Several big retailers that operate in the state have given estimates for the level of seasonal hiring they plan to do at their Michigan locations this season that are pretty close to their levels from 2015. One wonders if this trend will also prove true for smaller retailers.

What overall impacts do you think this year’s holiday shopping season and the seasonal hirings it brings with it will have on Michigan businesses?

Source: Crain’s Detroit Business, “Retailers, service industry hiring for holiday season with positive sales outlook,” Adreinne Roberts, Oct. 5, 2016

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