Green Construction A Rising Industry In Michigan

The growth and rising popularity of "going green" in our society is affecting many industries. This includes the construction industry.

Things such as concerns about the environment and a desire to cut down energy expenses have led to a growing demand for greener buildings among consumers and business in the U.S., including here in Michigan. This has resulted in a fairly sizable green construction industry arising within the overall construction industry in Michigan. According to a U.S. Green Building Council-commissioned report, over the time period going from 2011 to 2014, around 132,000 jobs came about in Michigan as a result of green construction and green construction had an estimated economic impact of around $21 billion in the state.

The report predicts continued growth in the green construction industry in the state in upcoming years. Specifically, the report projects that green construction will be responsible for 242,000 Michigan jobs between this year and 2018.

What do you think are some of the biggest opportunities for Michigan construction companies in the area of green construction? What do you see as the biggest challenges for construction companies when it comes to green construction?

Given the estimates and projections of the report, it appears that green construction is an area many different construction companies here in Michigan have entered into or will soon be entering. Just like any type of construction, green construction can have its own particular legal issues. It is possible for construction disputes to arise in connection to such legal issues. Construction law attorneys can help Michigan companies that are involved in green construction get a clear picture of their particular legal issues and help them with addressing disputes that arise in connection to their green construction operations.

Source: milve, "Green construction bolstering Michigan jobs, economy report finds," Emily Lawler, Sept. 16, 2015

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