Workforce Concerns And The Construction Demand Boom In Michigan

What sorts of opportunities and challenges are likely to come before Michigan construction companies is influenced by what trends are occurring in the state in relation to the industry.

One construction-industry-related trend that has been happening in Michigan is a boost in the demand for home construction. There is currently quite a bit of such demand and there is expected be a fair amount of home building in the state this year. A 25 percent rise in building permits in the state is being predicted for 2016 by the Home Builders Association of Michigan.

High demand for home construction can create significant business opportunities for construction companies.

However, this demand trend could also pose its challenges in the industry. This includes workforce challenges. More construction projects can increase the demand for workers. This, combined with the fact that there were many exits from the construction workforce in recent years in the state, could create some challenges for construction companies when it comes to finding and retaining skilled workers to work on the projects they want to take on.

Thus, increasing their attractiveness to prospective employees and current employees is something many Michigan construction companies might have as a high priority in light of the construction demand boom in the state.

Many things can affect how likely workers are to view a given construction company as a good place to work, including how common employment disputes are for the company and how the company deals with such disputes. This is among the many reasons why employment dispute prevention and proper employment dispute handling is so important for construction companies. Skilled attorneys can give guidance to construction companies that are facing potential legal disputes with their workers.

Source: WILX, "Construction Industry Growing," Joy Wang, Jan. 8, 2016

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