Facing Antitrust Allegations In Michigan

In the often fiercely competitive world of business, businesses will generally do whatever they can to try to put themselves in a superior position to their competition. As long as businesses stay within the realm of fair competition, this is generally just fine. However, there are certain types of behavior that are deemed to be unfairly detrimental to competition and consumer choice and are held to be unacceptable conduct for businesses. It is very important for businesses to avoid engaging in such conduct.

If a business is accused of engaging in conduct that unfairly impedes competition, it could end up facing legal action. Such legal actions could end up having significant effects on a business' reputation, financial position and outlook for the future. Thus, if a business is facing legal action in relation to allegations of unfairly impeding competition, it may want to bring in an experienced business law attorney to walk it through its options.

One of the legal actions a Michigan business could face in relation to allegations of unfairly impeding competition is a legal action under state antitrust laws.

The Michigan Antitrust Reform Act is the part of Michigan law which contains the state's antitrust laws. Among the competition-impeding actions these laws prohibit businesses in Michigan from engaging in are: forming monopolies, forming unlawful conspiracies, forming unlawful combinations and forming unlawful contracts.

As FindLaw explains, enforcement actions by the state and lawsuits by private parties are among the things that companies can face in connection to allegations of having violated Michigan antitrust laws.

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