Deceptive Trade Practice Allegations Can Be Very Impactful

In the course of trying to sell their goods and services, Michigan businesses generally make a lot of representations (through things such as advertisements, sales pitches and in-store signs) to try to convey the value of their goods/services to potential buyers. It is very important for businesses to keep such representations on the up and up and to not run afoul of Michigan's deceptive trade practice laws.

There are many different sorts of conduct that are deceptive trade practices under Michigan law. Several of these involve misconduct in regards to a business' representation of its goods and services. For example, it is considered a deceptive trade practice for a business to be deceptive or make misrepresentations in relation to its goods'/services':

  • Characteristics.
  • Ingredients.
  • Geographic origin.
  • Quality.
  • Benefits.
  • Uses.
  • Style/model.
  • Sponsorships/approvals.

For a full list of the practices that Michigan law defines as deceptive trade practices, see here.

It can be a very serious matter for a business to be accused of deceptive trade practices. As FindLaw mentions, Michigan businesses can face lawsuits in relation to accusations of having engaged in such practices.

What happens during litigation related to deceptive trade practice allegations can have significant impacts on a business. For one, if a business is found to have committed deceptive trade practices, it can be required to pay a damages award. Also, what happens in such cases could impact a business' reputation. This can be a remarkably serious matter for a business, as a business' reputation can play a big role in its interactions with customers and other businesses.

Business law attorneys understand how much can be at stake for a business when it is accused of deceptive trade practices and can help businesses that are facing deceptive trade practice litigation work to try to resolve the matter in a way that keeps their interests and reputation protected.

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