When Contractors Aren't Paid For Construction Work

While contractors would hope that all construction projects they get involved with would be free of any problems, difficulties can sometimes arise in relation to such projects. One of the problems that can be among the most distressing for a contractor is a property owner refusing to pay the contractor for construction work that was done. Not receiving payment for hard work done in a construction project is not only greatly disheartening, but can impact a contractor's livelihood.

Contractors in such a situation may wonder what legal remedies they may be able to pursue to try to rectify the situation.

Our firm understands the great amount of financial harm nonpayment for construction work can cause to a contractor and we strive to use our skill and experience to help clients who are in such a situation find a legal solution that resolves the matter in a way that is consistent with their best interests.

One of the remedies that a contractor may have available to them in relation to a non-payment for construction work here in Michigan is to file for a construction lien against the property owner who is refusing to make payment. This remedy is provided under the state's Construction Lien Act.

Filing for and enforcing a construction lien can be a complicated process. A nonpaying property owner may try to fight a construction lien through allegations of things like poor workmanship or improper billing.

Assistance with construction lien filing and defense is one of the many construction-law-related services we can provide to contractors.

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