Michigan Starts New Program For Promoting Motorcyclist Safety

There are things that motorcyclists can do to try to reduce the chances that a driver will miss seeing them out on the roads. One such thing is for motorcyclists to take steps to make themselves and their bikes more visible. Recently, the state police here in Michigan started a program aimed at helping motorcyclists with this.

The program is being funded by a federal grant. The program involves the state police giving motorcyclists who finish a motorcycle training course this year high-visibility vests. Authorities predict that, by the end of this summer, around 9,000 such vests will have been distributed to motorcyclists under the program.

The program is aimed at getting more motorcyclists to use high-visibility clothing when they are out on the roads.

What do you think of this program? Are you glad to see such a program in Michigan? Do you think the program will lead to Michigan, overall, being a safer place for motorcyclists? What overall impacts do you think the program will have? How much do you think high-visibility clothing can help motorcyclists stay safe on the roads?

While there are steps motorcyclists can take to try to protect themselves from motorcycle accidents out on the roads, such as increasing their visibility, it is important to note that these steps can only go so far in preventing accidents. This is because, regardless of the safety steps a motorcyclist takes, they still could end up encountering a negligent driver. Negligent motor vehicle drivers (such as inattentive or distracted ones) can pose a major danger to motorcyclists and can cause some very serious motorcycle accidents.

Lawyers can help motorcyclists who have been hit by negligent drivers with the battle for just compensation.

Source: The Detroit News, "Police giving away high-visibility motorcycle vests," March 31, 2015

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