Facing A Battery Charge? You Don't Have To Do It Alone

Here in Michigan, battery is defined as intentional physical contact that causes bodily harm and can be considered threatening or offensive. In most cases, a victim may claim that the other person "attacked them," which is typically what leads to charges in many cases.

But because of societal norms, we never assume that the victim could be lying or misrepresenting the facts of the case. In some cases, the alleged assault may have been out of self-defense. In other cases, no such violence even occurred. In cases such as this, defendants can feel helpless. In their eyes, it's them against the entire criminal justice system. For many, this is a terrifying situation that leaves them overwhelmed and unsure where to turn to for help.

If you or someone you know is facing a situation where battery charges have been filed, the first thing to remember is that you don't have to face these charges alone -- you have the right to legal representation. You also have the right to tell your side of the story in court.

These are important rights to remember, especially if your understanding of the law is limited in scope. Good criminal defense attorneys, such as those found here at Willis Law, are often well versed in criminal law and are experienced enough to explain how these laws will apply to your specific situation. With their help, you can present the best possible defense. You may even be able to disprove the accusations against you, which oftentimes results in dropped charges.

Your freedom is at stake when you face criminal charges, which is not something most people want to risk if they can help it. Make sure you are taking the right steps to protect your freedom. Take any criminal charge against you seriously and speak to a lawyer as soon as possible.

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