Facing DUI Charges? How An Attorney Can Help.

Anyone who has ever been pulled over by a police officer, understands that such an experience can be scary and intimidating. In cases where a traffic stop leads to an individual’s arrest on drunk driving-related charges, an individual may be downright terrified.

In 2013 alone, a total of 34,393 drivers were arrested in Michigan on DUI-related charges. Of those arrested, roughly 48 percent were subsequently convicted. Kalamazoo area residents who are facing criminal charges related to drunk driving likely have many questions about how a DUI case will proceed and whether or not it's necessary to retain a criminal defense attorney.

How a DUI case proceeds is largely dependent upon the circumstances that surround an individual’s arrest. For example, was an individual involved in a car accident in which others were injured? Is this a first DUI offense? Were any passengers in the vehicle under the age of 18? Regardless of the circumstances of a DUI case, anyone facing such charges can benefit from an attorney’s advice and counsel.

The answers to these types of questions will likely determine the charges filed and options available to a defendant. In some cases, a defense attorney may work with the prosecution to resolve a DUI case via a plea bargain at which time an individual agrees to plead guilty to lesser charges. In other cases, a DUI case may proceed to trial.

DUI charges may be dismissed for a number of reasons including lack of probable cause to stop a driver, law enforcement arrest and procedural errors and questions related to the accuracy of breathalyzer and other sobriety tests.

Every DUI case is different and a skilled criminal defense attorney will be able to answer questions, investigate and evaluate evidence, protect and defend an individual’s rights and aid in helping an individual resolve their legal problems.

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