Couple Suspected Of Retail Fraud Is Also Facing Drug Charges

Two Michigan residents were recently arraigned on several charges related to drugs and retail fraud. The 25-year-old man and 19-year-old woman were arrested by police in Isabella County on a recent Thursday evening. The couple was accused of retail theft, and a subsequent search of their vehicle brought about drug charges as well.

Police were reportedly called when the two individuals were suspected of shoplifting several items from a Wal-Mart store and were held by the company's security personnel. It was reported that the man tried to get away, but he was arrested a short distance away. After arresting the couple, police claim to have obtained permission to search their vehicle.

The car search allegedly yielded methamphetamine, along with some ingredients typically used to manufacture the drug. The two suspects are both facing charges related to retail fraud and possession of methamphetamine. The man is facing additional charges of manufacturing of the drug as well as obstructing police action and resisting arrest.

Michigan residents who are suspected of drug crimes may benefit from the services of a professional who can protect their legal rights. Retaining the services of a criminal defense attorney who has extensive experience in defending those facing drug charges will provide the accused individuals with guidance through a typically difficult time. Each defendant's legal counsel will examine the arrest record to identify any evidence of wrongdoing by arresting officers. If there is any suggestion of the violation of the constitutional rights of the defendants, the lawyer will address it before the court while providing a focused defense against all charges.

Source:, "Wal-Mart theft leads police to meth in Michigan couple's car, police say", Brad Devereaux, July 11, 2015

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