Complicated Michigan Case Involves Alleged Weapons Crimes

Police recently went to a Michigan apartment in pursuance of a suspect they believed to have been involved in a fatal shooting. However, when they gained entrance to the residence, they found it empty. Reports indicate that a woman has since come forward to police, who claim that she helped the man avoid capture in a case involving weapons crimes and murder.

According to reports, police have charged the woman with carrying a concealed weapon and helping a suspect to evade police. The man she reportedly assisted was wanted on suspicion of murder for a shooting that occurred during a community memorial in honor of another citizen's passing. The woman recently appeared before a district judge for arraignment.

Her attorney reportedly requested that his client be released on her own recognizance. He reminded the court that the woman surrendered herself in the case. He also stated that she works in a nursing home and should be allowed to continue earning an income to raise her two children. The attorney further stated that the woman was arrested in her home town and, therefore, it would be very unlikely that she would become a fugitive of justice.

The judge ordered, however, that the woman be held on a $10,000 cash bond. The woman was reportedly weeping as she was led out of the courtroom in handcuffs. It is typically a wise decision to seek legal counsel when accused of similar weapons crimes in Michigan. An experienced criminal lawyer would be able to offer advice as to how best to navigate the system when facing charges of weapons violations or other alleged criminal activity.

Source:, "Wanted woman surrenders, faces charges from fatal shooting at Flint vigil", Molly Young, May 29, 2015

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