Facing Drug Charges? The Court May Offer Help With Addictions

Michigan residents who have a dependency on drugs may be desperate for help. Some of them may live in circumstances that encourage relapse upon release from incarceration. A vicious circle is formed in which arrest soon after release from jail is prevalent. Michigan courts offer drug treatment in 40 counties. A man accused of drug charges recently told a judge of his wish to attend such a program in the county in which he lives.

Huron County reportedly has no drug court currently, but after this man's request, it will be considered. The man stated that he has broken off his relationship with his girlfriend because she encourages him to use drugs and always has a fix available when she picks him up after a court appearance. He recognizes the sad state he is in and says he is desperate to overcome his drug addiction.

Under Michigan law, drug courts offer a program to non-violent abusers of drugs and alcohol. These programs focus on attempting to lessen the chances of recidivism or relapse into the same undesirable behavior that landed them in court in the first place. Continuous, intense treatment is supervised by the court, and periodic toxicology tests are mandatory. This program increases the likelihood of successful rehabilitation.

When sentencing non-violent offenders accused of drug crimes, the court may add orders that will serve to help the offenders. In this case, the court ordered the man not to have contact with his ex-girlfriend. Furthermore, he may not return to Ingham County because he is known to relapse into drug use when he is in that area. Michigan residents who are facing drug charges may benefit from the guidance of experienced criminal drug defense attorneys who may be able to negotiate appropriate treatment through drug courts in order to avoid incarceration and provide support for a drug-free future.

Source:, "Judge says drug court could help addicts", Kelly Krager, June 3, 2015

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