When A Worker Breaches A Confidentiality Agreement

Information can be a very powerful thing in the business world. The information a company has regarding its strategies, its technologies, its clients and other important topics can be a major part of its competitive advantage. Thus, when a business' proprietary information falls into the hands of a competitor, it could be very harmful to the business.

This is among the reasons why businesses often put considerable effort into protecting their proprietary information. One thing some businesses do as part of such efforts is have their employees sign confidentiality agreements.

A business' employees might have access to all sorts of proprietary and privileged information of the business as part of their jobs. The goal of a confidentiality agreement is to keep employees from sharing this information with others.

An employee violating such an agreement, whether while they are with the company or after they leave the company, can be a very alarming situation for a business. A business' immediate concern following such a violation will generally be: what can be done in response to the violation to protect our proprietary information? This is a situation in which a business may find bringing in an experienced business law attorney to be of help.

Our law firm can provided businesses with assistance with a wide variety of different legal matters, including issues regarding breach of confidentiality agreements by employees (current or former). We can help businesses determine whether a given confidentiality agreement is legally enforceable in their particular situation and, if it is, can assist them in pursuing appropriate enforcement actions.

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