Why It's Important To Fight Against Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence is a serious issue and all allegations related to acts of domestic violence should be thoroughly investigated. By the same token, however, the rights of those individuals who are accused of carrying out threatening or violent behaviors or acts should also be respected and protected.

Criminal charges of domestic violence may stem from many different circumstances. For example a couple may get into a verbal argument where, in the heat of the moment, one party threatens to call the police. In cases where the other party attempts to interfere or stop his or her partner from dialing 911, he or she may face charges of domestic assault.

Charges related to domestic violence carry not only hefty criminal penalties, like jail time and probation, but can also negatively impact an individual socially and professionally. The stigma attached to these types of charges in particular may negatively impact an individual’s personal relationships, one's standing in the community and possible career opportunities.

Additionally, in cases where allegations of domestic violence are involved in divorce and child custody matters, an individual could end up losing child custody and visitation rights. Given the significant and life-altering ramifications associated with these types of charges, it's important to fight to get charges dismissed or reduced.

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