What Not To Do When Talking To Your Insurer Post-Accident

One of the things the aftermath of a car accident generally involves for a person is talking with their auto insurance provider. Now, in the time following a collision (particularly if they were seriously hurt) a person can feel very shaken up, all kinds of thoughts can be going through their head and they can be feeling all sorts of strong emotions. However, when having conversations with one's insurance company about the accident, it can be very important to keep a clear head and be very mindful of what one says. These conversations are far from inconsequential, what happens in them could have long-lasting implications.

There are certain things that it can be important to not do during these impactful conversations, including:

  • Speculate on things such as blame.
  • Guess on the facts of the accident.
  • Lie to the insurer.
  • Be overly adversarial.

These sorts of actions could greatly complicate the insurance claims process, could put roadblocks up in connection to promptly reaching an acceptable resolution to insurance matters related to the accident and could have other negative consequences. So, in post-accident conversations with one's insurer, sticking to known and relevant facts can be key.

Experienced car accident attorneys understand how impactful insurance matters regarding a car accident are and how complex such matters can have the potential to be when not handled right. They can advise car accident victims on what to do during conversations or other interactions with insurance companies. They can also give such individuals guidance on what other post-accident conversations, in addition to conversations with one's insurer, are ones where being careful about one says is very important.

Source: USA Today, "Tips for talking to your insurance company after a car accident," Alex Glenn, March 7, 2016

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