Nurse Contests Will Of Copper Heiress

Imagine having a family member die, going through their belongings, and finally settling all of their affairs. The emotions involved in such decisions and actions can be overwhelming. But what if someone contests a will? What should an executor or beneficiaries do?

Recently, the nurse that took care of copper heiress Huguette Clark for 20 years, contested the woman's will years after her death, saying the woman promised that the nurse would be provided for in her will. The woman was paid $130,000 per year to take care of the heiress, and also received more than $1 million in gifts. Now, she is asking for a larger piece of the estate.

It remains to be seen if a decision will be made in favor of the nurse. This will likely be something that would be reviewed by a judge and potentially prompt court proceedings. When a person makes a will, it signifies their appreciation for those that have helped them throughout their life, as well as what they hope for future generations.

Estate planning attorneys can help people who need to form a will or estate plan in Kalamazoo. They can also help those who might find another person contesting the will or estate plan of their relative. It is important for all those involved to ensure the wishes of their loved one are followed. Whether a person is a family member or not, they might be entitled to part of an estate depending on how a will was written and other legal documents.

Source: ABA Journal, “Night nurse for reclusive heiress seeks pieces of $300 million estate,” Mark Hansen, Jan. 10, 2014

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