Disputes Sometimes Arise In Commercial Real Estate Transactions

When a business is involved in a commercial real estate transaction, such as a sale or a lease of a property, the business can have a lot riding on the transaction, both financially and in regards to its future opportunities for growth. Thus, disputes are something a business generally never wants to see arise in relation to such a transaction. That's why businesses often spend a great deal of time, resources and energy in their preparations leading up to such a transaction.

Good preparations can sometimes help mitigate the chances of disputes coming up. However, sometimes, despite a business' best efforts to prevent it, a dispute does end up arising in relation to a commercial real estate transaction in which the business is involved. Commercial real estate transaction disputes can be over many things, including: the terms of a sale agreement, the terms of a lease agreement, alleged fraudulent conduct and alleged failure to disclose.

When a business is in such a dispute, it is important for it to take all appropriate steps to protect its interests throughout the dispute process.

The process through which such disputes are resolved can differ quite a bit from case to case. Sometimes, the opposing parties are able to bring the dispute to an end through negotiation. Other times, alternative dispute resolution methods are used. Still other times, the case ends up having to go to trial.

Our firm can help businesses in all stages of commercial real estate transaction disputes, including the trial stage if that's the direction a case ends up taking. We strive to be a strong advocate for our clients and to do what we can to help further their best interests.

Visit our commercial real estate litigation page for more information about disputes involving commercial real estate transactions.

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